Perrysburg Musical Theatre is excited to announce our Junior Production of Dear Edwina Jr. Our show will be directed by Amanda Reisner and Matt Krasula.
Final Cast List 
Edwina Spoonapple: Paige Paprocki 
Scott: Seth Crawford 
Becky: Emma Rasar 
Kelli: Avery Snyder 
Bobby: Eric Zinn 
Fairy Forkmother: Rowan Creps 
Chef Ludmilla: Grace Ermie 
Annie: Ashlyn Nicely 
Suzie: Lindsay Sanderson 
Napkins: Raina Springer, Marissa Zuccarell, Hannah Kersten 
Carrie: Sophie Wolfinger 
Aphrodite: Katie Crawford 
Abigail: Cecily Hayward 
Periwinkle: Sydney Rettig 
Lars Vanderploonk: Mason Reisinger 
Billy Vanderploonk: Jacob Nahhas 
Cordell Vanderploonk: Jordan Nahhas 
Ziggy: Landon Smith 
Ziggy’s Band: Hope Burkin, Camryn Johnson, Raina Springer, Marissa Zuccarell, Hannah Kersten 
Vladimir: John Majerius 
Frank: Jacob Robinson 
Frank’s Ma: Ally LaPlante 
William: Isaac Burkin 
Sonoma: Catherine Kerber 
Johnny: Brody Barton 
Queen of Bola Bola: Mia DelVerne 
Lola: Josie Corbo 
Harry: Clayton Snyder 
Mary Sue Betty Bob: Claire Kersten 
Farmer Jerry: Darin Croy 
Pigs: Andrew Seiverth, Jake Graffiti 
Girls: Belle Hayes, Olivia Hafner, Katie Osten, Sydney Crowl 
Katie Spoonapple: Clara Burkin 
Ann Van Buren, Talent Scout: Grace Reiter 
Myra Spoonapple: Noelle Hayes 
Jo Spoonapple: Avery Boggs 
Company Roles: 
William Group: Jacob Nahhas, Jordan Nahhas, Raina Springer, Hannah Kersten 
Sonoma Group: Olivia Hafner, Marissa Zuccarell, Sydney Crowl, Mary Kate Savage 
Cheerleaders: Abby Reed, Katie Osten, Mary Kate Savagett Krasula.