All Adults and Kids Ages 7 +  must sign up for a 5-minute time slot for these initial auditions. SIGN UP FOR YOUR TIME SLOT HERE!
  • 5 minute slots are offered Saturday, March 14th from 10:00am to 2:45pm, Sunday, March 15th from 12:00pm to 3:30pm.
  • You must be at least 7 years old at the time of your audition to be considered for the production.
  • There will be an invited dance call on Sunday, March 14th from 4pm - 5pm.  Not all roles (including some ensemble) will need to be at this dance call as there are roles that do not require dancing in the show.  If we need to see you, we will give you a slip inviting you to the dance call during your initial audition.
  • Invited Callbacks will be held the following weekend, March 21 from 10am - 3pm and March 22 from 12pm - 5pm.  No one will be required to be there the whole time, but please try to keep your schedule cleared in case you're called back. Details on when callbacks will be posted will be found in the Audition Packet available online after Feb. 1st.  
Download the audition packet which has details on what to prepare for the audition as well as information on the rehearsal process. Download HERE!   
Please refrain from emailing with questions about auditions and/or rehearsals until you've already reviewed the audition packet!
PMT is proud to announce that our 2015 mainstage production will be SHREK, the Musical! June 25th - 28th, 2015 at Perrysburg High School. 

Perrysburg Musical Theatre presented "The Music Man!" as our MainStage production. "The Music Man" was directed by Clark Ausloos with Musical Direction by Pam Williams-Rumer

Our show was presented July 31 & August 1 to 3 at Perrysburg High School.

The reviews are in and a wonderful time was had by all! It was a true summer blockbuster!

If you've never seen The Music Man," it is quite a story. It is the saga of fast-talking con man "Professor" Harold Hill who convinces the parents of River City to buy instruments and uniforms for their youngsters promising to train the youth to be members of a new band.

Hill has no musical training (which he fails to mention) and plans to leave town without teaching anyone. Chaos ensues as Hill's credentials are questioned and he is called upon to prove himself to the citizens of River City.

Here's a few pictures from the annual Memorial Day Parade 2014. More pictures of this and other PMT events can be found in our photo galleries by clicking the Photos menu!