PMT proudly presents the newest Junior Jazzers: Molly Boros, Carley Milligan, Annika Pendell, Cassidy Milligan, Morgan Bowe, Steven Speer, Jacy Foos, and Shivali Subreenduth.

Phenomenal Junior Jazzer auditions!! We are so excited about the talent and beginning our new season. We will begin rehearsals September 1st!! Congratulations to all of you! 

PMT's Perrysburg Junior Jazzers is a singing and dancing group who perform for events around town including nursing homes, parades, parties and more! Auditions are held for the group and it is open to any 5th grader in the Perrysburg school district.

If your 5th grader loves to sing, dance and perform, this is the group for them! Watch for the next opportunity to audition and join the Perrysburg Junior Jazzers.  PMT's Junior Jazzers provides a wonderful opportunity for kids to perform and prepare for junior high show choir and future PMT productions.

A big thank you to everyone who came out for auditions this weekend!! We had a fantastic turnout, with a lot of new faces! It's exciting to see the level of talent this area has to offer! Again, thank you to everyone for coming out to audition! 

Here's a look back at our wonderful audtions! All photos were taken by Todd Grinonneau, Todd Michaels Photography.


All photos were taken by Todd Grinonneau, Todd Michaels Photography.

Perrysburg Musical Theatre presented "The Music Man!" as our MainStage production. "The Music Man" was directed by Clark Ausloos with Musical Direction by Pam Williams-Rumer

Our show was presented July 31 & August 1 to 3 at Perrysburg High School.

The reviews are in and a wonderful time was had by all! It was a true summer blockbuster!

If you've never seen The Music Man," it is quite a story. It is the saga of fast-talking con man "Professor" Harold Hill who convinces the parents of River City to buy instruments and uniforms for their youngsters promising to train the youth to be members of a new band.

Hill has no musical training (which he fails to mention) and plans to leave town without teaching anyone. Chaos ensues as Hill's credentials are questioned and he is called upon to prove himself to the citizens of River City.

Here's a few pictures from the annual Memorial Day Parade 2014. More pictures of this and other PMT events can be found in our photo galleries by clicking the Photos menu!