PMT Announces Final Cast for "Dear Edwina Jr."

Perrysburg Musical Theatre is excited to announce our Junior Production of Dear Edwina Jr. Our show will be directed by Amanda Reisner and Matt Krasula.
Final Cast List 
Edwina Spoonapple: Paige Paprocki 
Scott: Seth Crawford 
Becky: Emma Rasar 
Kelli: Avery Snyder 
Bobby: Eric Zinn 
Fairy Forkmother: Rowan Creps 
Chef Ludmilla: Grace Ermie 
Annie: Ashlyn Nicely 
Suzie: Lindsay Sanderson 
Napkins: Raina Springer, Marissa Zuccarell, Hannah Kersten 
Carrie: Sophie Wolfinger 
Aphrodite: Katie Crawford 
Abigail: Cecily Hayward 
Periwinkle: Sydney Rettig 
Lars Vanderploonk: Mason Reisinger 
Billy Vanderploonk: Jacob Nahhas 
Cordell Vanderploonk: Jordan Nahhas 
Ziggy: Landon Smith 
Ziggy’s Band: Hope Burkin, Camryn Johnson, Raina Springer, Marissa Zuccarell, Hannah Kersten 
Vladimir: John Majerius 
Frank: Jacob Robinson 
Frank’s Ma: Ally LaPlante 
William: Isaac Burkin 
Sonoma: Catherine Kerber 
Johnny: Brody Barton 
Queen of Bola Bola: Mia DelVerne 
Lola: Josie Corbo 
Harry: Clayton Snyder 
Mary Sue Betty Bob: Claire Kersten 
Farmer Jerry: Darin Croy 
Pigs: Andrew Seiverth, Jake Graffiti 
Girls: Belle Hayes, Olivia Hafner, Katie Osten, Sydney Crowl 
Katie Spoonapple: Clara Burkin 
Ann Van Buren, Talent Scout: Grace Reiter 
Myra Spoonapple: Noelle Hayes 
Jo Spoonapple: Avery Boggs 
Company Roles: 
William Group: Jacob Nahhas, Jordan Nahhas, Raina Springer, Hannah Kersten 
Sonoma Group: Olivia Hafner, Marissa Zuccarell, Sydney Crowl, Mary Kate Savage 
Cheerleaders: Abby Reed, Katie Osten, Mary Kate Savagett Krasula.

PMT Summer Musical "Big Fish" June 23 to 26

A circus, a giant, a mermaid, a witch and many, many daffoldils... Perrysburg Musical Theatre is excited to announce our summer musical, BIG FISH! The show will be June 23rd-26th. More details coming soon!

"The Music Man"

Perrysburg Musical Theatre presented "The Music Man!" as our MainStage production. "The Music Man" was directed by Clark Ausloos with Musical Direction by Pam Williams-Rumer

Our show was presented July 31 & August 1 to 3 at Perrysburg High School.

The reviews are in and a wonderful time was had by all! It was a true summer blockbuster!

If you've never seen The Music Man," it is quite a story. It is the saga of fast-talking con man "Professor" Harold Hill who convinces the parents of River City to buy instruments and uniforms for their youngsters promising to train the youth to be members of a new band.

Hill has no musical training (which he fails to mention) and plans to leave town without teaching anyone. Chaos ensues as Hill's credentials are questioned and he is called upon to prove himself to the citizens of River City.

Memorial Day Parade 2014

Here's a few pictures from the annual Memorial Day Parade 2014. More pictures of this and other PMT events can be found in our photo galleries by clicking the Photos menu! 

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