About Big Fish:  Will’s dad, Edward Bloom, always told stories to Will about his life that never seemed truthful to Will – the kind of stories about walking uphill both ways to school; the “big fish” that got away; performing in the circus.  But Will’s dad always insisted that his stories were true! Even as he is at the end of his life, Edward continues to tell stories to Will that seem impossible to be true. But Will, who is a journalist, starts to investigate his father's tall tales and he begins to understand his dad and the stories he tells.
Can you tell a tall tale, a larger than life story, something impossible to be true, that also teaches us a life lesson (maybe about honesty, friendship, or hard work)? We know you can! Enter PMT’s Big Fish essay contest and tell us a tale that is larger than life! Your story should be 250 words or less and should be a fantastic tale of bravery, friendship, or exploration!
If you win the essay contest, you will receive (1) four tickets to Perrysburg Musical Theatre’s production of Big Fish this summer (June 23-26th), and (2) your tale will be publicly displayed at the production. In addition, your teacher (elementary school teacher or language arts/English teacher) will receive 2 tickets to the show and a complimentary dinner for two.
There are four divisions: Grades 1-2; Grades 3-5; Grades 6-8; and Grades 9-12. All submissions are due by May 13, 2016. 
Rules are that each submission must be: 
1. No more than 250 words; 
2. In the style of a tall tale or fantasy; 
3. Submitted via essay contest form (below) by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the Subject Line: “Big Fish Essay Contest”; 
4. Written entirely by the person in the grade division; 
5. Submitted no later than May 13, 2016. 
Submissions may be handwritten and scanned or typed as long as the required information is included!